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For Grade 11, 12 & NEET

Awards & Accolades

Understood More Difficult Topics Better

Improved Students Test Scores

Students Get More Engaged In Lessons

Felt More Excited About Learning


Students Tend to Retain 90% of What They Experience & Interact With!


Complete grade 11, 12 Covered. Watch teacher dissect and explain concepts in 3D. Interact with 3D Models and understand concepts in an online LIVE Classes.

3D Interactive
Self Learning Modules

Complete grade 11, 12 & NEET Covered. Labeled 3D Content, 3D Based Notes and Self Learning Materials with Auto Reader & Hand Written PDFs

Coming Soon

A Virtual Land to Learn, Meet Friends & Make New Friends and Join Study Groups, Create Your Virtual Avatar, Discuss, Strategize, Share Notes and Much more!

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